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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Shopping + Sales People!

I absolutely love christmas shopping! I get so excited for my family and friends to open the gifts I got for them. It sounds cliche, but it is so true that giving is better than getting! Anyways, today was my first time shopping for christmas presents this year! So exciting!!! lol I still need ideas for gifts to get my boyfriend, mom and brother. Let me know in the comments below!!   Today I got my sister some cute heels and a pea coat...then for my dad I got him 3 sweaters / shirts...thats all...but one of those makeup kiosk things sucked me in think I knew this lady had me sitting in the chair for a demo.

all that was going through my head was....  "I dont like mineral makeup, I like my mac!" "I'm aware that they have chemicals in it" "Dont tell me my skin is dry when I know its oily!" "I know what a moisturizer is" "I have a feeling I know way more about makeup than you" "You're about to use a dirty brush on my skin aren't you"  "Yup" "IT"S SCRATCHY!!"  hahaha

I told her that "I'd think about it"    isn't it funny how just about everyone says that..haha classic go to line right? lol So I left...then purposely went on the upper level to pass her again...

one time I was with my friend shopping and a phone service guy asked if she wanted to sign up for a plan or whatever and she says ((quite loudly)) "I'M ALLERGIC TO SHOES!!!" and runs off......ahhahahahaha I started laughing SO hard the guys face was priceless.....gah SALES PEOPLE!! Do you have any funny stories you'd like to share?!?!?!?!