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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beyond the Rack: Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton Review

Hey guys! So some of you are subscribers of mine for my YouTube channel macbby11 and the rest of you are most likely searching about the Beyond the Rack's Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton events. Either way I'm not writing this post to brag. It's simply because I would have LOVED to have found a blog post / review about this site before I bought my own. So basically, I bought my very first Louis Vuitton 35 in Monogram!! I have been wanting this bag for so long and at one point I even saved enough money to buy one at a store, but things came up and I had to use the money for other things. So about 2 months ago I came across this web site called Beyond the Rack. For those of you who have not heard about it, it is very similar to Hautelook ((in my opinion way better! They have low and very high end items opposed to hautelook which seems to be similar items)). Anyways, they had an event for Pre-Owned Vintage Louis-Vuittons. I'm going to show it on my channel soon and do an updated what's in my purse video! Some people (including myself) were skeptical as to if they are authentic and if it is worth the buy. So here is my review:::

I am very satisfied with my purchase! I can't stress that enough. The purse is 100% authentic and I love it. I personally paid $500 for this bag. (pictures below) After tax, new speedy 35's come out around $900, so mine was still a great deal. It took 3 weeks for the purse to get here. Shipping does take a long time. The site has the prices set to how used the item is and looks. Which is one thing I want to warn you about. You have to be very careful and really study the pictures. Some of the items are used..and show it! The pictures that were associated with mine showed minimum signs of wear and in the description said the leather was turned due to it's vintage nature. I made sure it didn't say any stains on it. Who ever had this bag before took great care of it because it looks so great. No stains, only one little mark from the lock and key. This bag was made in 2000. So for 12 years old it looks amazing!!

If you are debating whether or not the website is selling real authentic bags, I can tell you they are. If for some reason you buy one and it isn't I would be willing to bet Beyond the Rack would give you some sort of refund if you prove it is not authentic. You do have to remember there is no return policy. The only time you can cancel an order is before the event closes! Even though they are authentic you have to decide if you want to pay less for a pre-loved item, or pay the couple hundred dollars difference and buy a new one. Some people are disappointed with their purchases, my guess they bought a wallet for $100. Remember to look at the photos carefully! What you see is what you get! I would recommend this site and even buy from it again! I'm not sure when the next one will be, but I have seen a couple the past month! 

I hope this helped out a lot of you! Again I would have LOVED to have a real honest review out there when I was scared about buying this. Let me know if you guys have any questions! I don't check my blog that often, but I'm on my YouTube everyday and you can message me there! :)