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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

*Wishlist* Louis Vuitton - Neverfull MM Damier Ebene

Hey guys!

     So last week, after watching lots of Louis Vuitton videos on YouTube (something that is not new) I decided I am ready to invest in another Louis! This one caught my eye awhile ago, the Neverfull MM. It's a beautiful bag that I think is perfect for me. I'm going to save up over the next 5 months and purchase it as a present to me for my 20th birthday! It's in April :) Anyways, I knew after I got my Speedy in the Monogram that the next bag I purchased from them would be in the Damier Ebene. Here's the gorgeous bag:::

You can pull the sides in like the top picture for a more structured look, or leave them out for a more casual look. If you watched my "What's in My Purse" video on YouTube featuring my Speedy 35, then you know I named my speedy "Louis" (Loo-eeee) A very common name for people's first bags. I think I'd name this new one "Ebbie" (Damier Ebene) Not sure though..give me your suggestions in the comments!

What would you name your bag if you got the Neverfull MM ????

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