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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WISH LIST!!!! 8/31

I always love watching people's current wish lists that they have...It's like a haul but then...not! haha anyways my wish list has stayed the same for awhile now. As many of you know, [[and some of you don't]] I love collecting purses and have always wanted a Louis Vuitton! They're so classy and durable! I know people who have had their one Louis for YEARS! They really do last that long because they are made to last! I always figured they were so expensive to even bother looking at them, but then another "youtuber" got one and they said the price and it was less than what I expected! I was planning on buying the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.. but then when I looked them up online for about 30 dollars more I could get the Speedy 35! [[ if I'm going to spend that much money on a purse I might as well spend a little more for a bigger one! ]] lol So here is a picture of the Speedy 35!

Isn't it amazing??!! lol well let me tell u the price isn't!!! I'm purposely saying this next part for all those haters out there....My parents would NEVER me an expensive purse.... especially a louis vuitton! So in June I decided to be serious about it and SAVE $$$ I worked all summer around 30 hours a week... and I put aside $100 from each goal was to make the purse a highschool graduation gift to myself for this next June..but now it may be able to be my Christmas present to myself!! The good part about saving your own money for a long time gives you time to really think about a big spending decision!! <-- just a tip from me to you! lol well that's all my rambling for this post! Luv you guys!


OFFICIALLY have a new blog!!!

Ok guys so I am FINALLY starting this blog up again...I did almost a year ago but then just never used it...but now I really want to keep it a regular thing...maybe once a week??? sounds good to me!!

Basically this blog is going to be just like my youtube..but in blog form! I'll have OOTD's, hauls, and LOTS of tags!! so go ahead and ask questions!! I really want this blog to be where you guys can know me as Alisha...[[not just my youtube screen name macbby11]] make sense!?!?

Well I'm excited to start this and hopefully you guys are excited to see what I'll put up here..
leave comments with suggestions/comments!! Luv you guys!!!