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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WISH LIST!!!! 8/31

I always love watching people's current wish lists that they have...It's like a haul but then...not! haha anyways my wish list has stayed the same for awhile now. As many of you know, [[and some of you don't]] I love collecting purses and have always wanted a Louis Vuitton! They're so classy and durable! I know people who have had their one Louis for YEARS! They really do last that long because they are made to last! I always figured they were so expensive to even bother looking at them, but then another "youtuber" got one and they said the price and it was less than what I expected! I was planning on buying the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.. but then when I looked them up online for about 30 dollars more I could get the Speedy 35! [[ if I'm going to spend that much money on a purse I might as well spend a little more for a bigger one! ]] lol So here is a picture of the Speedy 35!

Isn't it amazing??!! lol well let me tell u the price isn't!!! I'm purposely saying this next part for all those haters out there....My parents would NEVER me an expensive purse.... especially a louis vuitton! So in June I decided to be serious about it and SAVE $$$ I worked all summer around 30 hours a week... and I put aside $100 from each goal was to make the purse a highschool graduation gift to myself for this next June..but now it may be able to be my Christmas present to myself!! The good part about saving your own money for a long time gives you time to really think about a big spending decision!! <-- just a tip from me to you! lol well that's all my rambling for this post! Luv you guys!


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  1. wow that bag is really pretty i can understand on your prosess of going through it all from this awsome gift from god! :P
    (missfluffbunny - youtube)