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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve!!!

EEEKKK!!! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I am SO excited!

   My sister's bday is actually on Christmas!! Dec. 25th!! YaY! So we try to separate Christmas and her Birthday for her ....So our tradition is open presents Christmas Eve and then wake up early the next morning and cook her a HUGE breakfast and then let her open her bday presents! We've done this for years!  Do you guys have any fun family traditions?!?! Let me know in the comments!!

   So my mom accidently lost all of our stockings! HaHa But the kind that we bought are the kind where it's really hard to write people's name at the guess what we're doing...putting a picture of the person on the stocking!!!! hahahahaha original righttt?!?!?! lol

   Also, I have no idea what I'll be wearing, or what makeup look I'll do....maybe a simple smokey eye? I'm definitely thinking Satin Taupe!!!! That's my favorite mac eyeshadow! It's LoVe!!! <333

Sorry this post is really random and scattered....I just was in the mood to blog!! Oh and I have a question!!! ok..I always feel like I should put a couple days in between uploads..just so u guys dont get sick of me..haha but what do you think is a good general thing to go every other day!?!? once a week!? every day?!?!  let me know please!!! I'd luv to hear ur opinions!!! Anyways, that's all for this blog post!! I'll see u guys laterrrr!!!  *MuAh