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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MakeupForever Smoky Lash Mascara Review!

((well of the moment!))
I haven't found a mascara that I like more than this one. My lashes are very average. They are an average length and an average thickness. The main thing I would like my lashes to be are THICK! I absolutely LOVE voluminous lashes. The biggest problem though with wanting thick lashes is that most mascara's make them look very voluminous but CLUMPY!!
Let me tell you, this mascara makes your lashes VERY voluminous, long and even curled a little, but NOT AT ALL CLUMPY!!! That is exactly what I look for in a mascara, and this is the only mascara (that I have found) that is what I want! I was skeptical on it at first because I never really buy high end mascara's, because I have always heard that drugstore ones are just as good. I found that to be true for awhile, but now I will definitely repurchase this item! ((that is a big thing for me to repurchase a mascara that is around $20))
Another thing I was skeptical about is if this mascara would have much staying power. The name 'Smoky Lash' made me think it would be easy for it to smudge everywhere. I was wrong again. I have CRIED with this mascara on and you couldn't even tell I had cried! It didn't come off at all! Amazing!!
Over all, this mascara gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me!! Way worth the money!!
You can purchase it from any sephora.
Let me know what YOU guys think of this mascara in the comments!!! <33

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