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Friday, July 22, 2011

Classy Chic - OOTD

I absolutely LOVE this dress! It is so comfortable, but the best part is that it looks like it is way more expensive than a dress from Forever21. I've already gotten compliments on it and asking where I bought it! Have any of you ever lied about where you bought something? I was so tempted to make up a fake designer name and say it was from there. HaHa It looks like it could easily be from a designer label!

Dress  - Forever21 $27.99
Tank Dress - H&M $12.99
Headband - Dollar Store $0.99


  1. LOVIN" IT! what did you have for shoes?

  2. Alright, I know I'm a bit late with reacting. But I saw this when I was searching for outfits you wore and I really like this one. Haha that's all I wanted to say! :)